• Wren McMurdo Brignac

Page of Swords Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card

Playing well with others? “Perhaps not?” says the Queen of Swords, clique leader of the Mother Tarot Deck.

This Queen leads by example, including her lack of empathy, obsession with appearances, and the inner turmoil that hides beneath her shiny coat.

She buys too much, wastes too much, and loves too little. The air is thick with her heavy aura. She envies those who are free to be authentic. She is consumed by late capitalism, internalized self-prejudice, unintegrated trauma, and wealth that she cannot manage.

Her posse is a collection of similarly lost or apathetic souls. They are at once comforted and chained by her familiar harsh critique and aggrandized view of herself.

When this card appears, it is because you need to either step out of the familiar power this figure holds over you or look in the mirror to see if this cat is you. If your scenario is the former, take her criticisms as compliments. If the latter is more true, it’s time to let your guard down, apologize, and share your blessings with others.


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