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Six of Wands Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card #6

The Six of Wands in the Mother Tarot Deck is about being recognized for an important role you have played.

You are the center of the universe, it seems. The world is painted a divine rose hue as you well with hope and pride. Supporters flock to your side.

This card recognizes mothering and legacy building. A legacy doesn't necessarily mean offspring—but it might. A legacy is a footprint. This card is meant to recognize what you have accomplished, and humble you to unforeseen backlash.

No mother is perfect, and yet they are expected to be so. Do not let praise feed perfectionism.

Initially, success produces confidence whereas later on it may be cause for concern. Producing is the definition of success and the greatest threat to our world. Rediscover what success means to you.

What follows is the Seven of Wands, wherein you are met with the challenges that accompany success. Enjoy this ego boost while it lasts.

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