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Ten of Cups Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card #10

The Ten of Wands in the Mother Tarot Deck implies familial harmony. This is your chosen or biological family, big or small, together with you in this world. When this card appears in a reading, you are feeling content with the loved ones you have in your life.

Each member contributes something that makes them both vulnerable and special. Sharing that vulnerability waters the family tree and strengthens its roots.There is a sense of safety and confidence within you as you surround yourself with the ones you love. Take advantage of the caring they have to offer, which will bolster you in your own growth journey.

You have reached a certain level of maturity and now act as a leader in your family. This card suggests that you may already have what you seek. It is also a reminder that everyone comes from a family, even the trees.


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