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Ten of Pentacles Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card #10

You are naturally rich as a being of this earth, and are made of the same star stuff as the earth, the soil, the air, and the sun. With each sense you enjoy, you experience yourself as part of something incredible.

When the Ten of Pentacles arrives, you are manifesting abundance. The structures you have built are sustainable. You are rewilding the earth, connecting to it, and feeding it with your existence. You understand that healing our planet is not only about modest consumption but rather, celebrating and respecting the richness of earth.

In the Mother Tarot, abundance is hope, respect, and harmony. It is a future our children can predict and respect. It is a place that respects animals, plants, and soil. Quality of life, not just for you but for your entire ecosystem, is your priority, and it shows in your surroundings and community. You know to make the connection between the beings, planet, and self. You are acutely aware that the time you have left in your body is the only nonrenewable resource you hold dear.

In essence, this card is about what occurs as a result of feeling true gratitude. As you expand your thankfulness for what you have and experience in your brief time in this form, your abundance grows. Insects become family, forests your home, water a source of pure joy. Resources expand with care and awareness. You have opened your eyes and found more than enough.



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