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5 - The Hierophant Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana Card V

A teacher is truly yours when your life transforms due to her teachings. The Hierophant is this guide. 

When this card is drawn you are drawn to a force that is meant to reshape you in ways you can’t yet imagine. Later you will look back and recognize this teacher for who she was and continues to be. 

It is our destiny to change, but this evolution is not meant to stroke the ego. The mind is involved as a doorway and only that. 

The saying “open your mind” is about allowing this doorway to open. It is about learning to learn, listening for how to listen, living by an inner light. A true teacher will enlighten and therefore lighten your life. 

Having the discipline to learn continuously is a form of adaptation, which lessens the exhaustive quality of life. The Hierophant appears when you are ready to stay open to the opportunity to learn. 

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