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6 - The Lovers Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana Card VI

Arrive in your body. 

Lick your lips, there are fruits to enjoy. 

Breathe deep, there are musks to inhale. 

Look hard, there is beauty to recognize.

Touch with intention, there is respect to be given.

Dive—there are adventures to be had.

Passion and love blend to form a synergy that binds pairs and bouquets of lovers indefinitely. Moving harmony is sought and felt by forces deeper than consciousness. Whatever your circumstance, it’s probably juicy, says the Lovers.

Love. It is a state of participation

commitment to the present moment

wanting for suspension and forever simultaneously

compulsion to give and grow. 

Whether you’re making out or making something, this card suggests you’re taking a chance on something that’s well worth the risk. 

Trusting yourself has brought you trust in others. You have created some stability in your life, and have cultivated love because of it. What lies ahead is an even stronger sense of can-do, but for now, focus only on what’s within you, right in front of you, inside you, around you, beside you, underneath you…

Stay the course. Yes, there is devastation on earth. This is old news to Mother. It’s no excuse to abandon your only true task as long as you live: loving as deeply, sweetly, and as gratefully as possible.


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