• Wren McMurdo Brignac

What Is Your Psychic Element? - Quiz

Reading Tarot cards is helpful in developing psychic and intuitive abilities. It can be useful to tap into your strongest element (earth, air, fire, water) in developing these skills. Take this quiz to discover your primary element as a psychic intuitive.

  1. 1. A close member of your community falls stricken with illness. You are most likely to:

  2. a. Feel sick as well. In fact, you’ve been feeling oddly, periodically ill for a while leading up to the hearing the news.

  3. b. Have a dream about it, hear voices or see ghosts/angels, and/or have numerous intellectual conversations about the circumstances.

  4. c. Somehow understand that person’s deepest fears and desires throughout the process of healing or dying. You feel drawn to action - offering your chillest friendsh