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Should I Ask My Tarot Cards a Question? If So, What Kind?

Hello friends,

I’m here to answer this commonly asked about reading tarot cards:

Do you have a question in mind when you pull cards or is it more of a “free draw” experience?

My answer: If you are just beginning to get to know the art of reading Tarot cards, I’d suggest asking the cards specific questions.

First of all, the act of discovering your question is a simple one that shifts your mindset into ritual mode. This is good practice when learning to shift into the intuitive brain.

Secondly, questions give the reading context while employing the cards with a targeted job.

When performing a quick reading for myself, I tend to ask yes or no questions. These are confirmation readings that test my intuition. Do I want this gig? Am I going to get that thing I want when I want it? create opportunities for punctuated readings on the fly.

When I read for others or sit down with the cards for a longer solo session, I avoid yes or no questions. I also avoid reading predictively, reading instead more constructively and creatively.

Should I Ask My Tarot Cards a Question? by Wren McMurdo

This is why I use the term divination as opposed to “fortune telling”. As many futures are possible at any given moment, one’s fate is not set in stone. Divination is partially about tuning into probability and partially about creating one's future for oneself.

The cards most often reflect the collective consciousness as well as the consciousness of the individual receiving the reading. Asking the cards to provide guidance on a particular issue is a lovely request, as are creative questions like How do I move forward?, and Which project should I pursue? turn readings into healing sessions

I like to let the question that needs asking appear in my mind as I shuffle the cards. When I read for others, I ask clients to tell me what they’d like to ask the universe and let them find answer in dialogue while I shuffle the cards.

I don’t mind folks touching my cards, but I do find that a lot of people lack shuffle confidence, so I do it for them as part of the ritual. Shuffling is a beautiful way to infuse the reading with kinetic energy, engaging all of the senses for a more memorable ritual experience.

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