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Should you read cards that fall out while shuffling?

Video transcript:

I was recently asked,

“When shuffling a deck, sometimes a card will fall out. Do you take this to mean the card is meant to be part of the spread or do you simply put the card back into the back and continue shuffling?

Thanks, Maggie”

Thank YOU, Maggie for this very important question.

Everybody has this question…all the time, ‘cuz cards pop out all the time. So we’re gonna talk about it!


Here I'm shuffling the deck and as you can see I've already left behind three cards,

so I could actually choose to include these three cards in my reading.

You know, to answer your question Maggie, I definitely do like to read cards that pop out.

…wow this is intense…

:::looks at the three cards drawn:::

Aaaand we have the Chariot, Justice, and the Hermit. I really can't even wrap my head around this… but I'm getting sidetracked here.

So maybe you're actually shuffling vigorously and a single card pops out

like this…

:::a single card flies out of the deck:::

The Ace of Wands…cute! So I could totally choose to read that card. It could be a seed card so I’m going to put it up there.

:::places the card at the top of the spread then fans out the rest of the deck:::

Sometimes when you pull cards more than one card will pull out.

This is another invitation to read these cards. You can actually just primarily read the cards that fall out if you’re naturally kind of messy with the cards…

:::looks at cards that have popped out:::

Okay so five major Arcana cards out of six cards drawn today, so… I don't know what the universe is trying to tell me but it's telling me like something major is going on.

:::shuffles then messily drops a huge chunk of the deck:::

When you see a whole pile or stack of cards pop out:

this is a scenario where I would not read all of these. This would be way too many cards. I just pop them right back on into the deck.

I really hope I answered your question, Maggie! Keep in mind that this is just how I like to read.

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