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Tarot for Wedding Season - Maintaining Psychic Integrity

Wedding season is upon us. Many are grazing the internet for celebratory outfitting, gearing up for our own summer soirees, or simply pondering relationships more than usual.

When lots of people are having weddings and celebrating connections, this overflowing of thought enters the collective consciousness.

The powerful social constructs that entice folks to spend thousands of dollars on a single ceremony may be leaking into the heads of all of us, regardless of our marital/relationship status.

In times like these, it’s important to maintain an intuitive practice, like Tarot card reading, to maintain a sense of integrity and ownership over our own authentic thoughts. Taking time to focus the on intuitive strength aids us in getting through what could potentially be dramatic times ahead.

The key to an informative and inspiring Tarot card reading is in asking the right question of the deck. There are three scenarios folks may find themselves in at any point during their life: they may be searching for something or someone, maintaining a healthy relationships with themselves or others, or elevating within this context.

Singles, coupled and poly folks alike can be an any of these scenarios. Get firm on your question before you do a reading, be it a single card draw or a lengthier spread: are you searching, maintaining, or elevating? Then, ask the cards how do best do so.

Single folks are the most barraged with emotive thoughts from the collective consciousness, and they are also the most resilient in maintaining intuitive integrity, more easily picking out their own intuitive thoughts amongst the crowd. Thus, they are universal thought leaders, free to evolve at will.

If you are a single person, consider your current authentic desires. Again, are you searching for something or someone? Are you maintaining your personal integrity as you safely navigate this hetero-normative jungle as a happy single? Or, are you elevating your consciousness in regards to your personal journey, open to changes in your relationship status?

Folks in developing relationships are more buried in the world of collective consciousness. Their minds, bodies and spirits are more intimately enmeshed with others, leaving them more vulnerable to psychic overwhelm, translating into feelings of weariness, depression or other such vague states of being.

It can be much harder to know what you want as a person in a relationship, when compromises are likely, and outside stimulation is more consistent. As folks around you start to tie the knot and settle in for the long haul, use Tarot cards to stay the course and map your own desires.

It’s okay to feel inspired by the drama and romance of a wedding, and it’s also important to be in charge of your own life.

If you are a person in a relationship, are you searching for a something within or outside that relationship? Are you maintaining a healthy relationship? Or, are you actively elevating your relationship towards a common goal?

For folks getting hitched, this season is likely a whirlwind of thrill and drama, all the more reason to develop a Tarot practice to stay grounded. Readings leading up to ceremony can help you avoid regrettable behavior. Focus on the cards, focus on your goal, and focus on the bigger picture.


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