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Ten Ways to Awaken Your Divine Feminine Energy

Divine feminine energy is a sacred force within our universe that can be embodied for the purpose of living well. It is the essence of yin and the glory of Mother Earth. There is a strength to it, but it is more so a symphony of subtleties, an art rather than a science. 

Cultivating and nurturing divine feminine energy is essential for balance, harmony, purpose, and feminine empowerment. 

It not only draws out a glow and sense of contentment in those who develop it, it inspires balancing divine masculinity to bloom in ourselves and those around us as well. 

Those who are attracted to femininity in an energetic or spiritual sense, or wish to tap in more deeply, will find the following tips and reminders helpful. 

1. Connect with Nature

Nothing is more feminine than God’s/Source’s/the universe’s natural creation. Make an effort to spend time amongst flora and fauna on the daily, surrounding yourself with the beauty and power of Mother Earth. 

Allow her elements to inspire and rejuvenate your spirit. Greenery is easy on the eyes and reduces attention deficits, allowing the divine feminine essences of peace, harmony, creativity, and intuitive wisdom to develop. 

Allow yourself to reflect her. This reflection is why a myriad of flowers and colors are so prominent in feminine dress, and why feminine energy tends to expand and grow in the form of attraction to fashion, decor, arts and crafts, family size, etc. What about nature inspires you to grow, create, and expand like a healthy Earth does? Have fun with this, creativity is inherently feminine.

2. Practice Luxurious Self-Care

Treat yourself with kindness and compassion but not just by following a health care regimen. A person embodying divine femininity finds ways to add beauty, lusciousness, delicious nourishment, deep comfort, unconditional love, and creative expression into self-care. 

Prioritize self-care rituals that nourish and delight your entire body, mind, and soul. Think:

  • A milk and honey bath complete with dark chocolate cocoa and a page-turner. 

  • A colorful salad, kombucha, perhaps a smokable, all enjoyed on the beach while your dog plays in the reef. 

  • Light exercise followed by a trip to the thrift store. 

  • Trying a new dessert recipe and sharing it with a close friend over coffee or wine and Tarot cards. 

Self-care within the divine feminine realm involves caring for the entirety of you for the sake of living and enjoying the details of life, whereas divine masculine energy will delight in ambition, strength-building, and accomplishment. 

Activate your sensual side and revel in the pleasures of the physical world. Allow yourself to fully experience and enjoy the delights of your senses. Remember to surprise yourself with spontaneity on occasion. 

3. Embrace Feminine Creativity

Engage in creative activities that allow your inner artist to shine. 

  • Painting, drawing, sculpture 

  • Writing

  • Dancing

  • Singing/music

  • Exploring fashion

  • Landscaping, gardening

  • Cooking

  • Decorating

  • Embroidery, needlework, fiber arts

  • Pottery

  • Design

These are all sacred feminine tasks among many, practiced for thousands of years by millions of women (and men, etc.) that bring you deeper into your divine feminine energy. By practicing in the art of creation, you’ll find yourself flooded with the peaceful, regenerative energy that your feminine side produces. 

4. Honor Your Intuition

Dark emotions like bitterness, anger, resentment, resistance, and depression, while feminine in many aspects, are less healthy than and not synonymous with divine feminine energy. 

It’s important to discern the difference between unhealthy emotional responses and wise intuition in order to live in the light of the divine feminine. 

This intuition can be found within the state of peace that’s so emblematic of divine feminine energy. You’ll notice that you make much better choices when you follow the voice of quiet wisdom over the bellowing of uglier feelings. 

Quiet Tarot card readings, performed when emotions have lifted, can help you practice this intuitive wisdom. 

5. Celebrate Sisterhood

Surround yourself with supportive women and femmes who uplift and empower you. Knitting circles, walking groups, book clubs, etc. can be exceptionally helpful in nurturing divine feminine energy, as can one-on-one friendships. 

Personally, I participate in a Women’s Choir once a week to be in the presence of encompassing divine feminine energy. It’s magical to sing amongst a large chorus of feminine voices, and I’m also able to develop friendships within this group. 

I also spend time with people who can appreciate and relate to my own divine feminine energy. We go on walks, watch reality TV (highly feminine, most of them), craft, shop, and dine deliciously with each other. 

Cultivate deep, meaningful connections with your sisters and feminine friends to share, celebrate, brighten, and develop your feminine energy with each other. 

7. Nurture Compassion

Make nurturing a priority when developing and living in your divine feminine energy. Take care of someone, be it your children, partner, family members, dog, etc. Find ways to enjoy nurturing, and extend your luxurious self-care skills to those you love. Mother energy is the highest divine feminine energy of all. 

Take care of your things, too. Fold items softly, create organized harmony, plan to love and keep items for as long as you need them. 

Do not let things pile up, but also don’t shy away from cultivating beautiful spaces. Balance and unconditional love for all things are the divine essences we are working on here. This gentleness and care should expand to all areas of your life. 

8. Embrace Vulnerability

There is nothing quite so divine as sweet emotions and tears. Feminine energy is vulnerable and empathetic. It’s what connects us to the nurturing aspect of divine feminine energy. 

Remembering that uglier emotions like bitterness or resentment are neither feminine or masculine, but the essence of vulnerability is where divine femininity can be found. 

Being moved to tears by good or bad news, being able to feel the pain or joy of another, getting emotional over a piece of art, these are examples of sacred divine feminine energy that activates divine masculine energy (like protectiveness and stability) in those around you. 

Another aspect of divine feminine vulnerability is trust. Protective energy is masculine, so placing childlike trust in those around you, and in the universe, is a form of sacred and divine feminine energy. 

9. Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an aspect of unconditional love—an exceptionally feminine divine energy. Releasing resentment instantly comes easily to divinely feminine people. 

This can be challenging, however, for most of us. If it doesn’t come easily to forgive someone in particular, seek assistance through therapy, spirituality, or reading material. 

Forgiveness can add years to one’s life and remove years from one’s face. Living a long life and maintaining a youthful outlook are signs of evolved divine feminine energy. This produces the inner and outer beauty that makes feminine energy so captivating and attractive. 

10. Practice Divine Submission

Submission is a rather dirty word these days, and for good reason—women and those with religious upbringings in particular have suffered under extreme expectations of submission. 

But I think we are throwing the baby out with the bath water when we label feminine submission as solely negative. 

You don’t need to become a trad wife to understand the power of being the follow vs the lead in partner dancing. This can apply to relationships in the form of active listening and understanding, reflecting, receiving feedback graciously, and offering support in a nurturing sense. Giving advice or instruction, on the other hand, would be active/masculine energy. 

There is also power and wisdom in submitting to the forces of the Universe. The climate is changing, politics are doing their thing, the economy is, too. Handling weight is a masculine force. 

There is no need to give up masculine energy, but it can be wonderfully feminine and soothing to allow the world to turn on its own, and allow those in their divine masculine power to bear heavy responsibility from time to time. 

This makes space for your divine feminine energy, a force that brings peace on Earth all on its own, to shine and develop. 


By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can awaken and embody your divine feminine energy. 

Anyone can use these tips for anything from simply developing your softer side and capacity for empathy to expanding into a divine feminine goddess on Earth. 


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