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Full Moon in Pisces - September 6th, 2017

Blessings, my beautiful moon beaming friends! It's a Pisces full moon. Pisces is the most laden with past and future life wisdom, and heavy with psychic energy. Pisces is a caretaker of souls. Let this moon exalt your being and fill you with a deep, magnanimous feeling of love. Love yourself, your world, your people, your family, the animals, the plants, the air, the earth...let the list go on and fill you to overflowing.

Let tears fall if they beg to this moon. Feel bolstered by gratitude and messages sent via ancestors and spirit guides. Tidy your altars and light some candles today. Charge those crystals under these bright, intuitively-charged lunar beams.

A few other notes on the astrological weather:

  1. Mercury is no longer in retrograde, but is still running at a slower pace than usual, like just waking up. Mercury is the planet of communication and ideas, so communication may still feel groggy or hard to sort through. Creativity may rush in, causing an overload of intuitive messages to pour forth as though they’d been pressurized behind a blockage. The Truth and answers to your questions may be answered in dreams or striking moments.

  2. The Sun is now in Virgo. Virgo is a powerfully spiritual energy, in its own way, and is disciplined in approach. This is a good time to focus on prioritizing your health, as hard as that may be at times. It’s good to start putting right habits in place, now. Work, play, family, rest, nourishment, sleep, etc. – take all the pieces of your pie into account when balancing your lifestyle choices.

  3. The Moon is full in Pisces. Pisces energy exudes all things psychic and wizardly. You may notice yourself filled with the usual full-moon night energy, rustling awake or having trouble sleeping. Your head may be filled with dreams and visions, both while awake and asleep. This is an excellent moon to join a circle, or perform a ritual pertaining to soul.

I cleaned and organized my altar today, collecting water, herbs, stones, lit candles and incense. I protected myself and my space with smoke, and prayed to a recently-departed family member (my dog, Archie). I pulled a few cards for this full moon in Pisces, reading for our human population in congruence with the astrological weather at hand.

Card corresponding with the past: Nine of Wands, waxing

In the United States, Leo season took some ugly turns. We were met with terrifying White Nationalist hate and violence followed by Hurricane Harvey. The Nine of Wands waxing indicates a building of defense. We are becoming armed with our individual and collective skill sets. We are forming collectives, and coalitions, and forming bonds with our communities. We are learning radical self love, which leads to radical compassion for others.

Card corresponding with the present: Six of Pentacles, waxing

Every time a season changes, there’s work to be done in preparation. The Six of Pentacles points to collective energy for the sake of living well or creating wealth. In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn is looming and our bodies, hearts and minds actually crave this turn. We desire change, and what’s especially enticing about autumnal energy is the collective work around food and warmth. Summer’s passing leaves us bittersweet yet ready, finished with the tumult of vacation. We are ready to roll up our sleeves for the cool.

Let working together to achieve warmth and nourishment become a mini-mantra for Virgo season. Prepare and be prepared together. Gather together to achieve common goals that enhance feelings of stability and comfort. Organize your finances and set restful as well as functional goals. Make values and priorities align.

Card corresponding with the future: Ten of Swords, waxing

The Ten of Swords corresponds with the possibility of healing due to the finality of a certain kind of pain. Perhaps a final confrontation between right and wrong action is sparking into flame, or a final blow is about to be dealt in battling a particular disease. The fight isn’t over, but it’s nearing the end, and the end can tend toward epic.

Other cards in this reading: the Ten of Wands, the Chariot, and the Four of Cups

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