• Wren McMurdo Brignac

The Veil Thins - Ancestor & Spirit Tarot Card Reading

The Hermit card represents following one’s own heart, after considering all of the options and concerns presented by community. It is a Virgo-linked card. It's essence craves cleanliness, orderliness, information, and new experiences, but not without preparation. Virgo is Earth energy, grounded in approach.

In the northern hemisphere, Virgo coincides with autumn, where creature comforts become necessity, and the spiritual veil starts to thin. Flora and fauna fade into sleep, energetically falling backward and away, yet time marches forward to our linear lenses, creating a sort of Virgo vertigo. Back and forth, death blended with the continuation of life. Time becomes ripe for turning within, turning to Spirit. Contacting the spirit realm for guidance becomes more convenient.