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Delayed Gratification & Tarot Cards

The Three of Wands by Wren McMurdo Brignac | the Dark Days Tarot Deck

Delaying gratification is priceless when building quality in many areas of life, and Tarot card reading can help you to build this essential skill.

Playing, Oracle and Tarot cards provide space for psychic information—personal, collective or higher—to flow. It is up to you and your abilities as to what kind of information that might be.

For example, if you’re clairaudient, you might hear more clear and direct information in answer to your current quest as you gaze at the cards. If your clairvoyant, you’ll see visions. Should "the clairs" elude you at the moment, simply observe your thoughts as you gaze at the cards, perhaps trying them on as writing prompts for self-reflection. What story lives in the cards about you?

Here’s a delayed gratification-practice reading for beginners:

Pull three cards in answer to the questions below, keeping in mind that they are in reference to your current quest (which should be something that requires delayed gratification, like finishing school or growing a social media following):

  1. What is probable now?

  2. What is probable tomorrow?

  3. What is probable the next day?

Line the cards up in a row in front of you, face down. One by one, turn the cards over to reveal their images, observing your initial reaction closely.

This game teaches you to think atomically: day by day. You don’t need to ask the cards if you’ll finish school, etc., so you don’t ask those long-term questions right now.

You’ll instead ask the cards for the next three days’ worth of potential opportunities or stumbling blocks, training your mind to stay present to the details of daily or otherwise incremental habits that lead to larger success when maintained.

Even if you feel you are “incorrect” in your readings, you are still building a library of reflection as well as a more bonded relationship with the cards.

If you are indeed in possession of one or more “clairs,” try this reading:

Line up three cards with the intent to ask these consecutive questions, (noting that they are in reference to your current quest, which you should first identify):

  1. What will happen today?

  2. What will happen tomorrow?

  3. What did happen yesterday without my outward knowing?

This card game teaches the psychically gifted to:

  1. Trust psychic skills by way of incremental readings, a habit that builds stronger self-trust, sensitivity, and power over time.

  2. Stay encouraged and prepared.

  3. Check in on goals or wishes without placing too much emphasis on the “end” or goal.

It’s amazing how quickly things build toward a quest fulfilled when you’re interested in and enjoying each and every step. With little spells like delayed gratification, you can make just about any long-term wish come true.


Blessed be.

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