• Wren McMurdo Brignac

What Is Your Psychic Element? - Quiz

Reading Tarot cards is helpful in developing psychic and intuitive abilities. It can be useful to tap into your strongest element (earth, air, fire, water) in developing these skills. Take this quiz to discover your primary element as a psychic intuitive.

  1. 1. A close member of your community falls stricken with illness. You are most likely to:

  2. a. Feel sick as well. In fact, you’ve been feeling oddly, periodically ill for a while leading up to the hearing the news.

  3. b. Have a dream about it, hear voices or see ghosts/angels, and/or have numerous intellectual conversations about the circumstances.

  4. c. Somehow understand that person’s deepest fears and desires throughout the process of healing or dying. You feel drawn to action - offering your chillest friendship vibes and laughter in support.

  5. d. Have an emotional anxiety attack at some point after a period of denial, in addition to all of the above.

  6. 2. You are single and on a date with a new person. Your best sense of whether this person is a mate you desire is:

  7. a. Your physical attraction level, how safe and comfortable you are, and also your “gut.” Your body never steers you wrong.

  8. b. Your conversation together. You like to feel stimulated intellectually and humorously. You also like to feel respected in these areas. You have randomly similar interests.

  9. c. Their assets. You’ve wasted time in the past with partners that have fallen short, and that doesn’t really work for you. You like to be able to imagine your bright future together. You could ultimately fall for anyone who fits the bill, eventually.

  10. d. Their “depth.” You are inspired by long bouts of deep, penetrating eye contact and tension-filled courting periods.

  11. 3. You are looking for a new source of fiscal flow, and you’re considering branching away from your current career path. To choose a direction, you:

  12. a. Stay rooted where you are until you’re super ready to make the move. You consider where your current skill set might be applicable in other markets. Location is key.

  13. b. Use the powers of your human connections to explore opportunities. You seek stimulation and intellectual growth, above all.

  14. c. Dive into that passion project full force. You have a job to do, and the world doesn’t have time for you to toddle about in jobs that don’t matter.

  15. d. Conduct elaborate spells to draw in opportunities. You go with the flow. Flexibility and ambiance are of utmost importance.

  16. 4. You’ve noticed you have “psychic” or inspirational moments most often when:

  17. a. You feel it in your body, hands, head, etc.

  18. b. You dream/ daydream / converse with others.

  19. c. You work / work out.

  20. d. You look into eyes.

  21. 5. Your family is:

  22. a. Your home.

  23. b. Some people.

  24. c. Your people.

  25. d. Your blood.

  26. 6. To choose a book to read, firstly, you:

  27. a. Reach for a non-fiction, biography, or reference book that may come in handy.

  28. b. Scry for a new one randomly. You let books catch your eye and you follow them, letting words and imagery pull you in. You read quickly. You use the library.

  29. c. Tend towards indulgence. Self-help, romance and gossip rags appeal to you, though that’s likely a bit of a secret you like to keep about yourself.

  30. d. Journal instead. You have a lot to get off your chest. Then, you like to read looming dramas or mysteries.

  31. 7. In large spaces filled with people, you:

  32. a. Feel normal.

  33. b. Feel a bit attention deficit, chatty, and/or excited.

  34. c. Feel drawn to powerful figures in the room.

  35. d. Feel anxious or overwhelmed, like you might cry and laugh at the same time.

  36. 8. To you, ghosts and spirits are:

  37. a. Probably mostly figments of imagination, but you wouldn’t argue their existence.

  38. b. Everywhere. All the time.

  39. c. Beings you contact regularly, requesting aid in your pursuits.

  40. d. In and out of your life. You feel their presence, but not all of the time.

  41. 9. Your happiest place is something like:

  42. a. A lush lifestyle in the mountains.

  43. b. A new adventure, like a road trip.

  44. c. An exciting, and perhaps dressy, event.

  45. d. A swim in the ocean, followed by a bubble bath.

  46. 10. Your favorite colors are:

  47. a. Neutrals and jewel tones.

  48. b. Neon and pastels.

  49. c. Primary and secondary colors - bold monotones.

  50. d. Blues and blacks.

  51. 11. Intuitively, you feel most drawn to (choose a collection of objects):

  52. a. Crystals, altars, & sacred jewelry.

  53. b. Plants, books & musical instruments.

  54. c. Blades, candles & sex toys.

  55. d. Tinctures, psychedelic mushrooms, a giant comfy bed.

If you answered mostly “a”:

Your strongest psychic element is Earth. Your intuition likely most often shows up as sensation in your own body, mirroring the physical symptoms of those around you.

As a result, your physical health is important to maintain, for you’ll need integrity in that area to interpret what you feel as feelings arise, knowing what sensation comes from within and what comes from outside influences.

You may find yourself sensing things with your gut. You have a grounded sense of physical reality.

Your assignment is to practice watching your body for sensational clues into the world around you, especially as you read Tarot cards. What part of your body lights up in response to the card? Practice body scanning as meditation. Keep your home & person clean to elevate your intuition.