• Wren McMurdo Brignac

This is How My Business is Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste

To celebrate the launch of Mother Tarot, I am outlining the ways in which my business is carbon neutral and zero waste.

As a creator, I’m responsible for the products, waste, and emissions that I create, which is why I'm purchasing carbon offsets, producing meaningful things that last, and reducing my waste to the absolute bare minimum. And when it comes to sustainable packaging, I’m taking the onus off of my customers and into my own hands.

The following are ways I practice sustainability in my business:

I avoid buying plastic, and take responsibility for the plastic I buy.

Shrink wrap is important to many of my customers. I take the chore of recycling this plastic off my customers’ by offering to remove and properly recycle this plastic film. This option is available when adding decks to your shopping cart. I recycle that shrink wrap and all other plastic waste that I can’t reuse or isn