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How to Read Tarot Cards Quickly and Easily —Without Needing a Pre-Planned Spread!

Tarot, Oracle, and other divination card readings are done well by casting containers worthy of housing our most profound inquiries. They don’t need to be too complicated and you want to be flexible to improvise with them.

A Pinterest spread can be an inspiring way to lay out the cards, but a lot of the time you don’t want to bother finding the “right” one or getting distracted in a Pinterest or social media scroll.

In my method of reading “on the fly,” the cards are intuitively spread out into “wings” in a quick, and easy way.

I shuffle the cards and think of an inquiry I want to ask the universe.

I hone in on a burning question in my mind or let go of resistance to the thoughts buzzing in my head and pull a card from a state of mind that honors and accepts me where I’m at.

From there I pull an “answer” card.

I give that card a moment to sink in. I breathe in my responses to the imagery and meaning. I pay attention to all of my senses. Do I smell, taste, see, hear, or feel something in response to this card? What is my initial reaction to it?

I usually require more information.

In relation to the card I’m inquiring further about, I pull two cards and lay them out like wings at the top of the card. The left wing/card represents that which I have been receptive to, and the right wing/card represents where I have been generous with my energy, skills, or resources.

The reading fans and splits as I require further information on any card in the reading.

When gathering information on a card, I tend to come to conclusions quite quickly, so fanning out and seeing things from a couple of other angles helps me digest and edit my conclusions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve memorized the guidebook or traditional meaning, or have a personal system for understanding the card or not. Anyone can turn reliably to observable physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental attractions or reactions to the imagery.


Gaze at cards and spreads of cards with soft eyes.

  • Observe what you see, feel, think, or otherwise sense in response to the imagery on its own? How about in conjunction with anything you may know about its traditional or guidebook meaning?

  • Form your own meaning. If you don’t know anything about the card that’s okay. Look at your reactions and form possible or obvious meanings. Don’t worry about accuracy.

  • Take note of your interpretations with your journal, voice, etc.—or don’t. :)

  • Move on or close the reading depending on whether the information answered your question.

  • Attach sets of “wing” cards to the top of any cards that don’t already have them (I hope that makes more sense in the video) to clarify any further and continue the story being told by the spread until you feel finished.

  • Record your thoughts. Some people like to journal out their thoughts and reactions, some say them out loud. Some take their time and meditate on each card and development, and some move quite quickly through a reading. Some prefer to have someone else read cards for them, but it’s always good to know how to do it for yourself.

  • Sometimes the most profound realizations come when taking note or record of your interpretations.

Read in this way anytime you feel like simply slinging cards freely and reading in an easy intuitive way.

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