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Sextile Oracle Card IX - Releasing Rumination

Think a bit more about

How it would feel

If that thing

Were different somehow

A deep breath or two

Might seem like

Too little

And so you do so


Tapping your fingers

And filling your lungs

In and out

In and out

Journal it away

Put it away

Save it now for

Another session

You say

An objection arises

Ten breaths in

And then you’re once

More back again

Forces unseen

Conspire with lack

Of sleep and food and drink

You take care of that

It will make more sense

As time goes by

What you cannot control

Is how much time that will be

Listen to me read this poem on YouTube

When this card is drawn, release your ruminating thoughts by journaling them out. If there is something on your mind, it helps to put in on paper instead. That way, you can "keep" that thought and shelve it for a later time.

Rumination is critical thinking that isn't going anywhere. When you find yourself in a thought spiral or loop, one that doesn't go anywhere helpful, it's time to bring in the tools, and in this case, the pen tool. A mighty wand for transforming your ruminating thoughts into creative solutions.


This card is an installment towards the development of my latest deck, the Sextile Oracle, a divination system designed for frequent or daily use as well as emotional, spiritual, and mental support.

All of my decks are inspired by cycles in nature, and this deck is about our cyclical patterns of introversion and extroversion, as well as the spiral of wisdom we gain throughout life.

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