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What's in My Bag? Things You Might Not Think to Bring to Tarot Card Readings

Things to Take to a Tarot Card Reading

What does a Tarot reader bring to a session with a client? The following seven ideas were curated with a professional scene in mind but they work for informal sessions as well:

Ace of Swords / Dark Days Tarot

1. Spread Cloth - Spread a designated cloth between your tarot card spread and your surface. Hang this cloth in the sun or moonlight to charge it between readings.

Two of Cups / Dark Days Tarot

2. Charged crystals - Keep crystals rotating through a charging bowl that lives in the sun and moonlight and take some palm-sized ones with you to sessions. They’re ideal for giving to nervous clients or for holding in your own palm for grounding energy and power.

Three of Swords / Dark Days Tarot

3. Sunglasses - I like to wear sunglasses after a reading so I can put a cap on my energetic output for a while. My senses become heightened and I’m more vulnerable during and after sessions, and I love people in the eye which can be draining depending on the interaction. Dark glasses let you gently shield yourself from some types of stimulation while out and about.

Four of Cups / Dark Days Tarot

4. An hourglass - A mini hourglass lets you begin readings with luxurious meditation sessions where you and your client can keep time without disturbing the other— or looking at a phone or clock. This habit shifts the energy of both participants from “flight or fight” to “chill” while allowing a clearer energetic opening for messages from the universe during sessions. A ten minute hourglass is my favorite.

Five of Pentacles / Dark Days Tarot

5. Ambiance - Sometimes a reading space needs a touch of doctoring. A tea light and holder casts an amazing glow and creates a reverent vibe.

Six of Wands / Dark Days Tarot

6. A journal - One’s grimoire is an excellent place for keeping notes about readings with clients. Do not try to decide whether you think they’ll become regulars or not—you never know! Jot notes about each reading after sessions. I like to take five minutes to myself (often in my car, in the sunglasses) to jot notes and feelings to myself. It’s quite a soothing and affirming exit from the potentially heightened energy of readings.

7. A fabulous satchel - This might sound corny, but I like to imagine Mary Poppins as I’m packing for readings. She’s the kind of professional I aspire to be. My costume, my entrance, my scent, my vibe, etc.— it’s all part of the ritual. As a healer, it’s my job to show up having already stepped into my role as an energetic leader. I do so first with my presence and presentation, and this includes an excellent bag for pulling Tarot cards and other magical surprises from.


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