• Wren McMurdo Brignac

Full Moon in Aries Readings

My favorite Aries describes feeding herself as annoying.

My wife and I are celebrating our honeymoon in NYC, pulling cards and reading for our relationship. As we explore the city, our needs – finding a bathroom, eating food, drinking water, sleeping – can easily be perceived as annoying tasks standing in the way of us and our plans. We’ve found that when we yield to those needs as part of the adventure, the trip gets better and better.

This is a great moon for micro magic. Small spells. A spell to help you sleep. A spell to enhance your creativity. A spell to ground your energy. Simple, powerful small-step spells.

Aries is the infant of the zodiac, and the Emperor in the Tarot. Masculinity, leadership, resourcefulness and drive are themes of this card. A reading under this full moon may highlight survival, success. It may also be a dirty diaper of a draw, revealing human vulnerability.

This is a major function of Tarot card reading, in my opinion: revealing that which we’d rather not see, but need to. These rituals are fertile grounds for revealing blind spots and willful ignorance.

A reading may reveal tension, such as the pushing of the spontaneous heart meeting the pull of responsibility. It may reveal the ache of the human heart, and the space and attention that feelings require. You don’t need a breakup to feel heartache. Life is everything at once, and we are sensitive to that.

Ask the cards to reveal blind spots. For example:

Card one– where am I blind in regards to my health?

Card two– where am I blind in regards to my relationship(s)?

Card three– what success do I need to celebrate?

This moon is a creative moon. Celebration is key. Laughter is key. Play is another key to this Aries full moon.

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