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Tarot Cards as Journaling Prompts (You Don't Need to Know the Cards by Heart!)

One of my favorite ways to use Tarot cards in my personal life is when I’m journaling.

Tarot cards can help to get the stream of consciousness flowing, and the best part of this is…you don’t even have to know the meanings of the cards by heart!

Journaling is a very good practice that opens the mind and enhances mental health. It also helps to unlock intuition! But finding a stream of consciousness can feel hard at times. Sometimes the words don't flow, and that's when Tarot cards can come in very handy because they can spark thoughts!

This practice can help you get better at being present with and identifying thoughts and feelings as they come. It also helps you to get to know the deck in a very intimate way.

All you’ll need to do is:

  • Shuffle your deck (I like to do it at least three times or for a few minutes depending on the style of shuffling).

  • Get out your journal, and find a quiet place to dig deep.

  • Start by pulling a Tarot card and without thinking too hard at all, write out how your stream of consciousness thoughts while looking at the image. Allow the details of the card to prompt thoughts, which you can simply write down as they come.

  • When the stream of consciousness pauses, pull another card and begin the process again. Do this again and again, keeping the flow of writing going for as long as you can.

  • Aim to write for at least five minutes, and keep going if you feel inspired.

Check out this video demonstration on my Instagram Reels page:

Deck used: Mother Tarot Deck


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