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What Tarot Cards Represent Which Zodiac Signs? The Story Told by the Major Arcana

Many of the Major Arcana cards in the Mother Tarot and Dark Days Tarot are linked with the planets and astrological signs. These associations help to tell the story of this suit, which represents larger phases, lessons, and concepts in a human lifespan. When you see a Major Arcana card in a reading, know that the work you are doing is of great importance.

For quick reference:

The Fool - all signs

The Magician - Gemini + Virgo

High Priestess - Cancer + Pisces

The Empress - Libra

The Emperor - Aries, Capricorn

The Hierophant - Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius

The Lovers - Gemini + Virgo

The Chariot - Cancer

Justice - Libra

The Hermit - Virgo

The Wheel - Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio

Strength - Leo

The Hanged - Pisces

Death - Scorpio

Temperance - Sagittarius

The Devil - Capricorn

The Tower - Scorpio, Aries

The Star - Aquarius

The Moon - Pisces

The Sun - Leo

Judgement - Scorpio

The World - all signs

0 - The Fool card represents the universe and all signs of the zodiac, and tells of the beginnings of an impactful journey. In the creative process, this card represents conception.

1 - The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury, and therefore represents the signs of Gemini and Virgo. In order of events, this is the card in which the Fool is exploring their personal power. In the creative process, the card represents incubation.

2 - The High Priestess is associated with the Moon and therefore is strongly linked to all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), but Cancer is the most common association. In the creative process, the High Priestess represents birth.

3 - The Empress, because of her association with Venus, is linked with the Libra archetype. She rules blossoming phases of life and is associated with fertility, creativity, and sexuality. In the creative process, this card represents maturation (i.e. puberty).

4 - The Emperor is associated with planets Mars and Saturn and therefore is linked with Aries, Scorpio (Mars), and Capricorn (Saturn). In the creative process, this card represents individuation, rebellion, and conquest.

5 - The Hierophant has been tied to both Jupiter and Venus. These planets are associated with Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius, although this card is most commonly linked with Taurus. In the creative process of life, this card represents institutionalization, wealth accumulation, and matriculation.

6 - The Lovers card is associated with the planet Mercury, and is most closely linked with the sign of Gemini, although the association with curious Virgo also makes sense. In the story of life, this card conveys divine connection and a developing sense of purpose.

7 - The Chariot card is ruled by the moon and the sign of Cancer. In the Major Arcana storyline, the Fool has taken their sense of purpose and has developed tools, resources, insight, and skills. This card points to the often overlooked trait of natural leadership that is possessed by Cancer.

8 - The Justice card is ruled by Venus and the sign of Libra. In the creative process of life, the Fool learns to fight for equality amongst the collective and balance within their character.

9 - The Hermit is connected to the planet Mercury and the sign of Virgo. At this point in their journey, the Fool is called on a private journey that they must take alone in order to grow.

10 - The Wheel card is connected to structure-loving Saturn and roll-the-dice Uranus. All “fixed” signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus) stand out as archetypes of major influence. In the story of life, this card lands when the Fool is beginning to understand the nuances and interconnectedness of life, as well as the need to stay grounded amidst life’s constant ups and downs. Their mind begins to expand as their roots grow deep.

11 - The Strength card is associated with the Sun and the sign of Leo. In the story of life, this card refers to the Fool learning subtle leadership and how to tame the ego.

12 - The Hanged card represents the dreamy planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces. This card is about humility as well as a journey through the dream world and the development of intuitive and psychic gifts. The Fool has done important work in the physical world and is now called by the spirit world.

13 - The Death card is ruled by the planet Pluto and is linked with the sign of Scorpio. Here the Fool is faced with loss or the closing of a door. This is one of the most intense phases of the journey for the Fool to embrace, and the Hanged, Strength, and World cards have prepared them for this part of the story.

14 - The Temperance card is ruled by Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius. Here the Fool exercises discipline as a means of coping with and evolving out of the Death phase. Balance is achieved and a sense of seniority is established. Security may be established at a healthy pace.

15 - The Devil card is ruled by Saturn and the Capricorn sea-goat. At this point in the story, the Fool is challenged by temptation and must overcome the urge to allow traumas to make a victim out of them.

16 - The Tower card is associated with the warring planet Mars and is linked with Scorpio and Aries. No matter the efforts of the Fool, disaster almost inevitably strikes.

17 - The Star card is associated with the planet Uranus and the sign of Aquarius. While picking up pieces in the rubble left behind by the Tower, the Fool must turn towards good will and spiritual sensibilities to heal. Humbleness is established here. From one’s greatest challenge often comes one’s greatest gifts to the world.

18 - The Moon is associated with our Moon and water signs, though most notably the grandfather sign of Pisces. The previous Star phase has led the Fool down a mysterious path of wonder. They feel the weight of the oceans as they are cast adrift. This is where the Fool begins to accept their infinite place in a vast universe. They learn to let go of fear and embrace the heart.

19 - The Sun is associated with our Sun and the sign of Leo. Here the fool is cloaked in experience and wisdom. They have learned to enjoy each minute of life as precious. Gratitude blossoms at this phase of life, which results in a sense of happiness.

20 - The Judgement card is ruled by Pluto, which is associated with Scorpio. Here the Fool has nearly reached the end of their journey but they must first pass their own tests of integrity. In the creative process, this is where the beautiful mess of things begins to take shape into a complete tale that winds and weaves just like all of our lives do. This card is, essentially, the story of the story, the tale and moral takeaways that will be told to coming generations.

21 - The World is connected to planet Earth and is therefore linked primarily to Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo) although all signs are invited to lay claim over this card. At the end of a long journey, the Fool learns to take valuable rest in order to reflect, let go, and ready themselves for the next adventure.

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It's always puzzled me that The Magician and The Lovers tarot cards represent both Gemini and Virgo signs. Even though both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, the cards don't actually have anything to do with communication. I'd think since Mercury rules both signs, the cards would relate to talking or messaging in some way! 🤔

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