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Uranus in Taurus: Mother Calls

The analog world is calling you.

Above: my wife Schquay enjoying some analog life in the PNW.

Uranus made the transition from Aries to Taurus last May, 2018, and I’m pausing and take note of this increasing astrological influence now that this transit has definitely reached full speed.

Uranus—ruler of tech, invention, and unpredictable change—will continue through this new cycle, where he will exhibit strong Taurus energy, for eight years in total, until in early July, 2025.

This is significant because it means that the world of tech and innovation is enveloped in the earthen energy of Taurus, as opposed to the fiery energy of Aries. Think of Uranus in Aries energy as electricity needing to be grounded: Uranus in Taurus is here to do just that. This cycle will help humanity develop stability in the realm of invention and in relation to the meaning of progress.

We are seeing these changes through examples such as the focused development of consumer data privacy regulations, deleted bots, the slowing of recycling programs, the sweeping trend of social media fasts, the normalization of electric and hybrid fuel, and the simplification of smart phones. Focus on quality over quantity is highly typical of Taurus energy, and these changes reflect an immediate future for tech that is more considerate of Earth and Earthlings.

I’ve been undergoing a gradual yet massive downsizing-to-the-essential that has included many adjustments including a directed focus toward deeper work. I even went so far as to quit social media to save my waning attention span, and have since rejoined after taking a giant step back to dramatically reassess how I choose to spend time with technology.

Wren McMurdo | Photo by Mary Kalhor

Above: Me at Rattlesnake Lake. Photo by Mary Kalhor.

Reassessing, stepping back, taking my time, and rejoining with integrity is something I’ve been up to in all areas of my life since Uranus took that noticeable step into Taurus. It’s interesting that my inclination to destroy and rebuild arrived in congruence with this cosmic shift. These noticeable astrological trends remind me that I am participating in something much greater than I, and I am continuously practicing trust in these calls to dance with universal beats.

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