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Collective Energy Invitation: The Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is a card of collective energy, a call to collaborative action.  When we set out to create, manifest, and/or engage, it helps to have the power of other people’s talents and energies surrounding us.  There is strength in numbers—the more hands clasped in casting a spell, the more minds meditating together, the likelier we are to succeed.  When this card appears, consider who—in various realms of your world—you call upon for support and fortifying. Consider how your specific energy and gifts contribute to and brighten the lives of the ones you care for.  

This card is also an invitation.  You are cordially summoned to enter into the togetherness—with your people, your communities, your support systems—and to synch with something bigger than yourself.  You are also asked to bring something good (this is a potluck, after all). The more, the merrier. Here is your official invitation.  

You are cordially invited to the cosmic party!

let’s spank on our Sunday’s best to get down & dirty 

let’s get gritty smack on the moment’s back

which is just now spine unfurling

let’s get weird with our wonder

groovy to the undercurrent

let’s simmer the spectacular 

& while milk-eyed and teeth-gleamed

let’s marry the moon and swoon to her tide-pulls


let’s get serious about our laughter

let’s smolder in some stillness 

let’s climb the upside-down mountain 

feverishly easing toward the edge of an extravagant dream 

let’s fiddle with the strings that before now restrained us

let’s get real loud about inner peace 

severely honest with anxiety 

let’s lean into our essential insanities 

& fall deep into the dark wells from which they’ve bloomed 

let’s get down to the business of rebirthing 

of again & again returning 

let’s stay bright & bold & curious

love wildly & unflinchingly & unabashedly 

with a middle finger at to-do lists, let’s:

turn up the windchimes 

kick down the locked doors

make all sorts of love

French kiss the ocean 

free the balloons 

fuck like fairies

eat the twilight

call our mothers

praise the birds

yowl our yearnings 

save the flowers

nix the fear

& shake our assess off 

because everyone

absolutely everyone

must be dancing 

at this party 

and you

are invited 

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