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Introducing: The Council of the Four Corners Playing Card Deck

This deck features designs inspired by the historical Renaissance-era roots and intersections between Tarot and playing cards. It’s intended for use as a versatile playing card deck and also as a divination tool. The court cards act as advisors, each from their own elemental corner of the universe.

Playing cards can be read like Tarot cards.

Did you know you can read playing cards like Tarot cards? They can serve in place of Tarot cards if you’re inspired or in a pinch. Playing cards are structured much like Tarot cards with some key differences. For this reason, they can be read and interpreted in much the same way.

Playing cards offer a vehicle for quick divinatory readings that are both simple and straightforward. The court cards are intended to act as guides and carry wisdom and understanding that is nurturing and constructive.

Playing cards have multiple uses.

These everyday playing cards do not necessarily need to be used for divination. Play a game with friends, or entertain yourself with a screen-free game of solitaire. It can be wonderful to take your mind off of things in an analog way.

Solitaire (also known as "patience") can soothe the mind and ease you into a meditative state, and can improve memory, mental agility, and may even increase your intuitive abilities.

This meditative state can also help to aid you in connecting with the deck and getting more out of your readings, should you choose to use them for that purpose.

Playing cards are easier to handle.

Another reason I love using playing cards like I use Tarot cards is their size and shuffle-forward design. I have small, sweaty hands and I need a tactile card that shuffles easily but doesn’t stick together or slip around and go flying. The Wrenaissance Playing Card Deck is designed for supreme shuffle-ability and a highly touchable handfeel.

Playing cards are easier than Tarot cards for some minds to interpret.

One of the fun things about Playing Cards is that they can be easier for those who are more analytical and numbers-focused. Those who connect with numerology may also find playing cards easier to read than Tarot cards.

In playing cards, numbers are at the forefront and their count is highly visible. In Tarot cards, the numbers are more supported by imagery and layers of symbology. The messages delivered by playing cards can be simpler and easier to read, especially if you are the type of person who notices “angel numbers” (11:11, 3:33, etc.) in your daily life.

Playing cards might be easier on mental health.

It can be daunting to pull the Tower when you're simply asking your cards for a bit of advice for the day. I love to read Tarot cards frequently, but I also find that the intensity of the Tarot can be heavy if consulted on a daily basis.

I love playing cards because they can be less intense, and more helpful for bringing solutions to daily challenges and answers to daily inquiries.

This will be a small batch first printing. Two colorways are available: Black and Red, and Blue and Pink. Order both at a special price.


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