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New Moon in Scorpio, Samhain Season and Musings from Wren's Life

Blessed dark moon.

In tropical astrology, the moon is dark in the zodiac realm of Scorpio as I write this. We are deep into October and the season of Samhain/Halloween is upon us.

Blessed mid/late autumn.

I love this time of year above all. As long as her cycles persist, I will adore Earth’s autumn smell, which if you think about it is actually the smell of death.

Leaves that have fallen smell sweet and get prettier as they age and die. It's time to turn to fermented foods, which feed on nature's attempts at decay in order to preserve life.

Earth herself is made of corpses and matter that is always alive in the eyes of God, and dead in the eyes of many humans. Those who cannot acknowledge that life and death are but two stops on a never ending train do not understand the magic of autumn.

It's all a reminder that cycles come to a before beginning again. As we evolve through these cycles, they change and flex, and the series of cycles themselves are part of a larger cyclical evolution.

Possible new project?

My work is situated around a sense of awe and reverence for cycles in nature. Ever since the pandemic, I’ve been thinking a lot about cycles of introversion and extroversion, and what it means to feel whole in a community and in oneself.

One of the first developments is a large-scale gouache painting called Embrace. I documented its creation for your relaxed enjoyment:

Painting has been a theme in my life. I associate brush strokes with freshness in many ways.

I write to you from the tub in my cozy bathroom (I write in the tub), which I’ve just painted a velvety coral color. We also painted the bedroom deep gold and the downstairs a dusty eggshell blue. Color therapy abounds in my space.

We did all this with the help of my father in law who was visiting for a while. As the seasons change—and the world changes— it’s increasingly important to make time for family, chosen or given.

Altar theme ideas for the Scorpio full moon:

  • Fiery + earthy autumnal colors of brown orange and burgundy

  • Reminders of comfy warmth to ease the transition

  • Black and white crystals and candles to honor the veil between the dead and the living

  • Scorpion symbols, to honor the Scorpio archetype, messenger for and traveler to the land of the loving dead

Quick facts about Scorpions.

Most are actually non-venomous to humans and are considered highly defensive in agriculture. They aren’t toxic to the soil and replace pesticides as insect repellent/killers. Proteins in the venom of many species of Scorpions are useful in healing arthritis.

However, about 25 species of scorpions are very dangerous to humans so it’s important to establish strong boundaries to protect yourself against harm. This power of poison represents their connection with the other side.

There are many dynamics to this sacred creature which has an overly intimidating reputation. The same applies to Scorpio personalities. They are especially healing, fierce defenders, and non-toxic to most people/environments.

New product alert!

May your dark moons and cold nights be spent enveloped in the magic of The Moon.

  • Wonderful softness and weight

  • Cotton-rich

  • Perfect as a wall tapestry or comfy throw

  • Ideal for your bedroom, meditation and yoga spaces, living room, business, or coffee shop wall in place of a large piece of art.

  • Texture-rich

  • Woven using the image of the 18th Major Arcana card in the Dark Days Tarot, the Moon, which represents the sacred mystery of life. Dark moon days represent the power of intuition amidst this mystery.

  • 100% recycled cotton

  • Produced in the USA in small batches.

Preorder special:

Free surprise framed print with every pre-ordered tapestry blanket. Limited quantities available!

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Thank you for reading. Much love, peace, joy and merriment to you.

Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.


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