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Tarot reading preparation: ✨it’s a vibe ✨

Tarot card reading is all about ritual.

We indulge in rituals often. Think of your daily routines, which might also be called rituals.

Tarot and tea is a common ritual pairing. Tea time is typically thought of as a quiet time, usually in the morning or afternoon. Listening to a certain podcast during a certain activity. Going to the gym and stopping for a treat. Lighting a smoke. Journaling in bed. We are creatures of ritual as much as habit.

This post is focused on readings performed for the self, but many elements of this advice can apply to all readings, including those performed for you over video chat.

Watch this video until the end, where I finish by pulling a Tarot card for you.

Perhaps you’re finishing work, or coming home from a good conversation or long walk. You have an inquiry, and you need the space to ponder and think.

You slip into something more comfortable because distractions are not exactly ideal for reading.

You collect your Tarot cards, journal and/or guidebook if necessary, and a spread cloth. This can be anything that a Tarot spread might fit on, but I like to designate a funky scarf or table for this purpose.

Now it’s time for the magickal tools. These are not necessary, but they add drama to the ritual, which can make the reading more impactful and magical.

Any of the below tools can be useful in a Tarot card reading. In a ritual using Tarot cards, it can feel appropriate to follow witchcraft traditions ((goddess windchime, journaling)) like calling on the four elements to harness the energies of nature. These energies combined help to ground the reader in the present (earth), promote the flow of consciousness and emotion (water), invite new thoughts and spirit guidance (air), and encourage action as a result of what is learned (fire).

Air - incense, leaves, a wooden wand or pencil

Water - tea, coffee, water, or salt water

Earth - crystals, coins, or bowl of salt

Fire - candles, athame, steel wand (if using a candle, make sure to place it somewhere safe)

Create a container for your ritual. This can be a room with a door or curtain that closes or a designated corner of your home.

I like to close the door, turn on music and open a window.

I also take the time to refresh my altar. ((Altar shots)) This is a place where I house my intentions and concentrate my magical energy.

Then, meditate.

Meditation punctuates life, like sleep at the end of a day. It opens your mind and builds new connections, preparing your mind to do the same during your reading.

If you don’t normally meditate, gaze at a candle flame for a bit, then close your eyes and continue to see the flame in your mind’s eye.

When you open your eyes, the reading begins.


As a treat, I’ve decided to pull a Tarot card for you…watch the video linked in this post to see the card!

Stay tuned for a future post/video about how to close a Tarot card reading, and how to recover and come back to Earth if needed!

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Check out the deck featured in this video here:


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