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Twelve Ways to Celebrate Ostara at the Spring Equinox

The Northern Spring Equinox marks the time in which the hours of sunlight equal the hours of moonlight. This time is called Ostara on the Witches Wheel of the Year, so named after the Celtic goddess of fertility. 

Her Scandanavian devotees called her by another name: Eastre, and this name inspired the naming of the Christian holiday, Easter. At this time, the sun god is fully reborn, joining the earth goddess once again after another long winter's sleep.

Ostara's sacred familiar is the Hare, an animal celebrated for its rapid reproduction. Egg painting and egg hunts are also ancient pagan practices that continue to this day whether one is a witch or otherwise. 

There are many versions of spring and fertility deities, and Ostara is only one of them.

The blessing of Ostara is renewed trust.

Each spring, Ostara blesses the world with fresh flowers and new life. It is a time of courtship and planting seeds, fertility, rebirth, growth, warmth, and light. 

There is hope that the long darkness and deep need for rest will begin to subside. As needed as the darker valleys in the rhythms of Earth may be, the winter is a tough time for many.

In this way celebrating Ostara is a practice in trust that the spring will come as it always does.

Consider your creativity from a phase of life point of view.

Modern pagans and witches use the spring equinox to consider what we are offering the world. 

Fertility very much includes but isn’t limited to the birth of young beings. The sacral chakra, which lies in the pelvis area, governs not only reproductive energy, but also all human creative energy in its basic essence. 

Reproductive energy is naturally limited to what is a brief phase of the cycle of life for at least half of the population. The beginning and end of a life are also important. 

The child and young adult is playfully creative, the mother/parent is devoted to nourishing and raising community members, and the crone and elder offer creativity from a place of wisdom. 

See and feel the blessings of change and the presence of love all around you. 

The power of this Earthly shift is mighty, and will bring about inspiration from the Eastern sunrise, winds, rains, storms and rainbow adorned sun breaks of spring. 

To manifest love, look for hearts. Anything from latte art to the strawberries in your oats. 

Those who seek romance will see signs and synchronicities in the world around them in the spring.

Those in relationships will discover heightened motivation to plan for things to come, plus a rekindling of connection. 

Those who wish to be parents themselves find an awakened motivation to manifest this reality in this phase of the year. 

For anyone going through reproductive challenges, remember that the LGBTQIA+ community often takes advantage of medical means or considers adoption without skipping a beat. We know that if parenting is what we desire, our wish will be granted.

Those pursuing or enjoying autonomy will discover a release of blocked energy and a greater capacity for joy in their transitions and endeavors. 

Twelve ideas for celebrating Ostara and the few first days of spring:

  1. Plant seeds or seedlings in your garden. If you don’t have a garden, do what my plant witch friend does, and simply scatter seeds along the banks of highways. 

  2. Host a brunch complete with plenty of spring veggie-heavy dishes. 

  3. Perform a private Tarot card reading for yourself, or share readings with your witches. 

  4. Decorate your altar with spring blooms and fertility or creativity symbols and crystals (Jasper is a good choice!

  5. Light bright candles if you associate spring with fire energy, and pastel colors if you associate spring with air energy. 

  6. Light an outdoor fire and dance around it with your witches (or simply enjoy the warmth and light of the flames).

  7. Spend the day nude if appropriate. 

  8. If you do choose to clothe or adorn yourself, choose florals, whites, creams and pastels. OR bright colors, depending on your palette. 

  9. Paint wooden, ceramic, or real eggs—preferably from happy hens.

  10. Hang bird feeders. 

  11. Make wreaths out of flowering branches. 

  12. Whip up a spring punch with ingredients like strawberries, citrus, and mint. (Try infusing vodka with mint and strawberries, add soda water, champagne, and/or gin if you’re into that.)

  13. Change the linens, pack a few woolens away for the winter, and clean the house. 

Many blessings to you this Ostara.

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