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Watch me draw oracle card 1 of the Sextile deck

This ^^ is a relaxing five-minute video of me drawing oracle card # 1 of what I'm tentatively calling the Sextile Oracle Deck. Please take the time to enjoy it. It will put you in the mood to understand this first card and read the poem that goes with it.

Each drawing in this oracle deck will, instead of representing a singular concept, encompass layered feeling sets. They are intended to be visual poems (with a book of poems as well) that ease in improving mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

It is my goal to create 60 cards for this deck. This drawing is digital, but I may not limit myself to the digital medium in the creation of the Sextile Oracle.

Sextile is a supportive 60 degree aspect in astrology. This deck is intended for daily/often use, as its messages are meant to meet the reader where they are at and support them through a day to day life that is often emotionally intricate.


Almost done with

Battling resistance to change

Manifesting abundance






it would seem

There is ease

thanks to nature

and sun rays

and the flow

It is my goal to publish this deck by December 31st, 2023. Subscribe to my email list at the bottom of the page at to stay informed of this deck's progress.

Thank you for joining me on my artistic journey.



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