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Tarot Card Reading Ideas for Each Day of the Week

Inspired to pull cards but don’t know where to start? Use the day of the week as your guide.

Our modern weekly system is connected to the planets and their metaphysical associations. We can tap into these ancient links as we connect with our cards and selves.

Below I reveal the planetary associations for all seven days, give suggestions for readings to go along with those associations, and offer ideas for decorating your environment in a way that amplifies your readings even further.

Sunday named after the Norse goddess Sunna or Sól, ruler of the sun. This is a life-giving day where pleasure, life, and success are celebrated. Any subject under the sun is appropriate for a Sunday Tarot card reading, although those relating to your happiness, or how to get out of a depression, are especially amenable to this day.

Reading ideas:

  • Pull a card for each of the following questions: what challenges my happiness most? What does my happiness journey look like?

  • Pull a card for a single or multiple desires to get a read on whether they are healthy or less than healthy desires.

  • Pull a single card and allow it to tell a story that relates to your happiness.

In your environment, indulge in the energy of the sun. Sunday is ruled by rainbows and yellow, gold, and orange colors. Ambiance ideas include taking your Tarot cards outside for a reading lit by the light of the sun, laying down a golden spread scarf and citrine stones, putting gold rings on your fingers, and drinking sweet orange or chamomile tea, etc.

Monday named after the Moon, and represents the mind and emotions. This is an ideal day to take care of yourself in a practical sense. Begin the week by performing a reading related to your overall self-care and self-love practices.

Reading ideas:

  • Pull a single card to reveal your self-love “assignment” of the week.

  • Pull a card for any of your self-care needs that needs extra attention, for example you can pull a card to find a motivation message that will spur you to work out or eat well.

  • Pull a card after asking, what brings/will bring me the most peace and harmony?

If inspired, keep luminescent objects like clear crystals, opals, moonstones, or other pearlescent objects close while you study the cards. Pastel and white florals like jasmine, lavender, and wild roses in the form of fresh flowers, candles, and incense will also enhance Monday readings.

Tuesday named after Tiw, or Tyr, a Norse god of dueling equated with the Roman war god and red planet Mars. This association has built power around this day making it ideal for drawing in energy while performing readings related to work, passion, choice, and action. Mars is associated with virility, so this is also a day to plant seeds.

Reading ideas:

  • Pull one card for each project or item on your to-do list and let the images show you which order to complete them in.

  • Draw a card to give you the message you need to stay motivated to power through the day or week.

  • Pull cards related to your fertility or sexual journey or creative mission on this day of action.

Accompany your reading with an uplifting or stimulating cup of coffee or tea and a few moments of visualization. Fiery colors like red and gold will amplify your readings and inspire you even more. Think rose hips or petals, carnelian stones, red lipstick, etc.

Wednesday ruled by Mercury, which is a planet related to communication and movement. This day is named after Wōden, or Odin, the Norse god associated with wisdom, magic, and the spirit realm. This is a good day to use Tarot cards to get in touch with ancestors and perform readings related to relationships, movement, and evolution.

Here are some card reading ideas:

  • Pull a card for each new job, pivot, service, or concept you are exploring as you prepare to make your moves.

  • Pull a card that will tell you the story you need to hear in order to power through a writing assignment or speaking engagement.

  • Imagine that you are in a conference room at a table with a group of ancestors. Identify those people and pull a card for each person.

Mercury is associated with the sign of Virgo and earth elements, so think neutral tones, outdoor settings, twig or chicory tea, a bowl of salt, rocks, etc. when creating and stepping into your reading space. Light woody, earthy incenses such as frankincense, myrrh, and cedarwood to call on earth spirits and ancestors.

Thursday named after the Norse god Thor, god of sky and thunder, and is ruled by Jupiter, the planet associated with big growth and the signs of Sagittarius. This day is ideal to perform spells and readings related to money and luck.

Reading ideas:

  • Pull cards for a past, present, and future reading to reveal how you have grown, where your growth is currently occurring, and where your growth will lie in the future.

  • Pull one card for each of your financial goals to see how best to tend to them.

  • Pull one card for each possible career change to get a better sense of where each will take you.

  • Pull a single card to see where your luck lies for the day.

Adorn your space with candles to call on fiery Sag energy. Cinnamon and spice aromas will invite money-drawing vibrations, thoughts, and ideas. Blue, turquoise, and purple hues will draw on Jupiter and the depth of the skies.


...are named after Norse god Odin’s wife, Freya, and are ruled by love planet Venus. This is an ideal day to perform readings regarding love, fertility, money, beauty, and relationships.

Cards pulled on this day will help you to evolve your love or sexual relationships, discover where beauty and wealth resources lie, and inspire you to express yourself more fully.

Reading ideas:

  • Pull one card for each person in a relationship to pinpoint any issues, energies, or triumphs related to your love life.

  • Pull cards in answer to the following questions: what is the story of my love life? How am I creating my story? How can I adjust this story?

  • Pull a single card to inspire you creatively for the day/week.

To build atmosphere around your reading, decorate with pinks, deep greens, and violet colors. Decorate with or hold in your hand a rose quartz or pink crystal. Decorate with fresh flowers and glittery things.


...are ruled by Saturn. As the planet that rules structure and rules, Saturn’s day is a good day to practice discipline around your rest-taking practices. As a traditional day of sabbath, Saturdays can be good for taking a break from reading cards or performing rituals. Having the willpower to rest will bring many benefits. If you do pull cards, this can be a good day to look at the past for clues about the future.

On Saturdays, cleanse your cards with clearing smoky quartz crystals or black tourmaline. Wear and decorate with black and monochromatic colors. Drink black coffee or chicory or mushroom tea and write in your journal. Clean your home and burn incense to cleanse your space.

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